Organization Structure


Following the Purbanchal University Act (1993), the Purbanchal University like any other University in the country, has been shaped and structured as per the general mechanism of Universities in the World. The human resources available in the University-Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Deans, Directors and others- have to perform their duty as per the provision made under the document.

Vice Chancellor (VC): The Vice Chancellor is the top full time executive in PU. All the facilities for VC including salary are determined by the Executive Council. It is VC who steers all educational and administrative affairs of PU besides exercising the residual power of the Institution that no other official enjoys. The VC represents the PU in external sector and makes all wings under it cooperatively to assist each other in exercising their authority. The VC works as bridge between all units under the University such as Academic Council, Examination, Administration, etc.

Registrar: The Registrar is also a full time office bearer of PU. He looks after matters related to teachers, staff, rules and regulations to their services besides formulating financial policy, budget for PU, protecting the properties of University, supervising activities of various units under the University. The Registrar according to PU Rules and Regulations 2053 B.S. has to pursue the directives of PU.

Dean(s): The top official in the faculty is the Dean who leads the faculty in all maters related to educational, administrative, technical aspects. Formulating the budget for the faculty and developing curriculum and implementing them also constitute the duty of the Dean. The Dean has to see the academic programs under the faculty meet the need of the industry.

Controller of Examination (CE): The main official responsible for the overall evaluation mechanism of PU is the Controller of Examination. The Controller has to see that all examinations of PU-internal and external are conducted as per the standard developed by it. The CE has to preside over all actions such as setting questions, moderating them, administering the exams, getting answer sheets checked and scrutinizing them in time.

Directors: The PU has according to the Rules and Regulations has provision for Directors in the Research Center and Curriculum Development Centre. It is their duty to preside over all affairs of the Centres. They have to check out programs for the centers as their chief executives.

Principals or Campus Chiefs: They head the colleges and make sure that their educational institutions appropriately deliver the service by implementing the curriculum of PU for various faculties and at different levels. They have to maintain the standard of teaching and learning as developed by PU. They have to follow all directives of PU including the evaluation standards. In a sense the Principals or Campus chiefs act as a bridge between the University ant the centre and mainstream-teaching-learning field. The Principals of the constituent campuses (3 at present and one in pipe line) are appointed by PU and of other affiliated colleges (14 at present) get appointed by the Managing Committee presiding over the respective colleges.