Message From Registrar

It gives me immense pleasure to write these few lines on the joyous occasion of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the Purbanchal University. Started in 1993 as a Public University, Purbanchal University has grown by leaps and bounds to occupy one of the top rankings among the Universities in the country. To speak about the Silver Jubilee of Purbanchal University itself, it is a wonderful example of cooperation among all stake holders- the Government, the Senators, Faculties, staffs, Students, Private Affiliated Campuses, Alumini, Civil Society, think tanks and the national international well wishers. As the Registrar, it shall be my endeavor to do everything as per directives, to see that PU not only retains its pre-eminent position but improves upon it. The Silver Year will be dedicated to the activities and events including many aspects towards excelling University's mission: 1. Organizational working culture: that will determine staffs functions, the way the organization members perceive and interpret the surrounding world, as well as the way they behave in it. The cognitive content of functional obligation culture shall ensure a unique manner of assigning meaning and a unique reaction to phenomena within and around the organization and that will flour- ish culture in an organization, all the members of the organization will make decisions, take actions, or enter interactions in a similar and foreseeable fashion. 2. Full Efforts towards establishing Medical College in Gothgaun. 3. Infrastructure Developments for- Medical College and Teaching Hospital, PU college of Environment and Forestry, PU College of Veterinary and Teaching Hospital, GP Koirala College of Agriculture and Research Center, PUSET academic blocks and Administrative Building, Disaster Risk Recovery Research Center, PU School of Management, Administrative Building at Puspa Lal Chowk, Academic Building at Janata Adarsh Multiple Campus and the Administrative and multifunctional Building. The interest and goodwill of people from Gothgaun will get service from newly made OPD Building with Emergency block and newly formed Child and Maternity Hospital. 4. Focus on the activities of national and international resource generation. 5. Several workshops towards enhancement of quality upgradation in curriculums, research engagements. 6. International conference. 7. Short term national and international courses for Faculties and staffs. 8. More application of ICT for the reformation in Examination Management, Financial Administration, EMIS and procurement. 9. Engagement of Colleges in achieving Quality Assurance and Accreditation. Last but not the least I congratulate everyone who is connected with the publication of Silver Jubilee Celebrations- Souvenir-2019, of Purbanchal University and wishing all the stake holders all the very best in future.

 Mrs. Pramila Thapa